My Darling Girl is the rare book that delivers both chilling scares and genuine emotion—I got goosebumps from both.”

—CHANDLER BAKER, NYT  bestselling author of Whisper Network and Cutting Teeth


Jennifer McMahon author

About Jennifer

I’m the New York Times Bestselling author of twelve suspense novels including The Winter People and Promise Not To Tell. My latest, My Darling Girl, will be out in October. I’ve written about ghosts, serial killers, shape shifting monsters, an evil fairy king, a kidnapping rabbit, a terrifying swimming pool, and more.

About My Darling Girl

The New York Times bestselling author of the “otherworldly treat” (PeopleThe Drowning Kind and The Children on the Hill returns with a spine-tingling psychological thriller about a woman who, after taking in her dying, alcoholic mother, begins to suspect demonic possession is haunting her family.

Praise for Jennifer's Books

“McMahon’s gift is the deliciously twisty way she subverts all your expectations, keeping you guessing with wry wit and feverish chills.”


“Past and present, the real and the imaginary intertwine like ribbons on a maypole in this beautifully haunting story of familial love and loss. For those who crave magic in their everyday lives, Jennifer McMahon will make you believe.”

—Alma Katsu, author of The Deep
(The Drowning Kind)

“A worthy literary descendant of Shirley Jackson.”

—Chris Bohjalian

“McMahon has developed a subgenre of psychological mysteries that pit female characters with humanizing strengths and vulnerabilities against old secrets posing present dangers, forcing them to confront mystery and legend in creepily seductive settings. This mystery-horror crossover is haunting, evocative, and horrifically beautiful, a triumph…”


“Jennifer McMahon’s novels are like the perfect winter truffle: dark, rich, earthy, and an absolute, decadent pleasure.”

—Joshilyn Jackson

“McMahon’s deftly creepy prose creates a world of chaos and abuse; the book brims with unexpected and often startling plot twists, taking the reader on a strange journey that never disappoints… beautifully written and extraordinarily imaginative.”


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